As Spiritual Satanists we know many things that those who are without do not. We know that there is no "supreme being" that created the universe and all that is within it.


The universe is infinite. All the matter in the universe always has existed in one form or another. Very large stars burn through their fuel quickly and finally explode destroying all their planets with them. From the death of a star, the expelled debris will form a new stat later on, somewhere else.


The universe is therefore always recreating itself in a never ending existence. All of the matter in the universe perpetually creates itself, for all the matter has always existed in one form or another- forever in the past, and will continue to do so forever on in the future as long as time exists, however time is not always a constant and can be bent as other rules in nature will allow.


There is a possibility of many parallel universes in what could only be called a multi-verse. Science has yet to prove this. Perhaps later in time.


There are many types of beings and life-forms in other worlds. Some are very small, microscopic creatures; some are large highly intelligent beings.


Most of Our Gods are of the Nordic Race of extraterrestrials, they are very tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Some of Our Gods are hybrid beings, a mixture of races; half Nordic half grey and are with Satan and His Demons. There is also various other types of beings that are with Satan as well, they are depicted as Gargoyles and seen in statues sitting on top of many Gothic Cathedrals in Europe. These Gothic Cathedrals are Pagan from top to bottom, yet another Proof that christianity was Stolen and has nothing of its own.


Then their are the enemies of Satan. Those include the Full Blooded greys, the reptilians and the Jewish Race.

The reptilians invented the jewish gene/ the Cohen Gene.

More information can be found in the link:

Exposing Judaism.